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Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan

Fusion Ave (Private) Limited (FAPL) is serving its individual as well as business clients for personalized tax consultancy, tax preparation and tax filing services throughout Pakistan. Tax regulations, laws and rules change every day, which requires professional expertise for the tax preparation in Pakistan. Those strategies that are reducing your tax bill today, may work in contrary tomorrow. At FAPL we update our clients about the new opportunities that can legally minimize their tax bill in Pakistan. It is very important to understand basic tax implications and legislations prior to making any business decision or individual initiative, so that tax more than the legal obligation is not paid. Apart from the Direct Taxes in Pakistan i.e. the Federal Income Tax, there are 04 provinces in the country that impose Indirect taxes on taxpayers as per 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan. Therefore, it is very crucial for the taxpayers in Pakistan to know the scope and importance of indirect taxes.

We provide a broad range of personal and corporate tax preparation services to meet all the requirements of clients as well as government legislations. We have a team of industry’s best tax accountants, lawyers, advisors and other tax professionals who work in collaboration in the process of planning & preparation of your taxes in Pakistan. We also provide customized tax professional services to handle your taxes as per your financial situation and demands. We aim to get the maximum tax relief  and minimum tax liabilities while preparing and filing tax returns of individuals and corporate. We also provide tax preparation services to the foreign nationals as well as other tax professionals along with transfer pricing. Contact us to know how your taxes can be minimized to the lowest possible amount within the legal limits. Check below the complete portfolio of FAPL’s Tax Preparation Services for Individuals & Businesses in Pakistan that cover:

  • Individual Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan.
  • Business Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan.
  • Direct Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan.
  • Indirect Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan.
  • International Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan.
  • Transfer Pricing Solutions & Services in Pakistan.
  • Tax Appeal & Refund Services in Pakistan.
  • Tax Audit & Notice Services In Pakistan.

Features of FAPL Tax Preparation and Consultation Services in Pakistan:

Tax professionals at FAPL are offering the best tax preparation & consultation services to its clients throughout Pakistan from 2017. The main highlights of our features include:

  • Preparation And Filing Of Income Tax, Sales Tax, Withholding Tax, Wealth Statements, Payroll Taxes & Excise Returns.
  • Tax Advisory, Planning, Return Preparation And Return Filing With Tax Authorities.
  • Representation Services before the Tax Authorities plus Assistance in Tax Audits Conducted By the Tax Authorities.
  • Assistance in Appeal Proceedings As Well As Tax Litigation Support.
  • Tax Consultations to Residents/Non-Residents on Withholding Tax Obligations on Payments.
  • Evaluation of Tax Exposures after Reviewing Tax Status.
  • Approval of Retirement Benefits & Funds from Taxation Authorities and Other Related Issues.
  • Tax Advisory Services on a Variety of Domestic As Well As International Tax Matters Including Cross-Border Transactions and Double Taxation Treaties.
  • Detailed Tax Planning Services To Develop Strategies For Reducing Administrative And Tax Costs Of Clients.
  • Tax Compliance on the Sales Tax, Disclosures under Periodic Tax Returns, Excise Duty Treatment, and Potential Liabilities of Particular Transactions.
  • Tax Advisory Consultation on Valuation, Classification, Applicability of Taxes on Transactions and Eligibility to Tax Benefits, Credits and Exemptions.
  • Tax Consultations on Indirect As Well As Direct Tax Issues.
  • Determining The Tax Liabilities That Influence The Financial Performance Of The Client, Once The Investment Or Disinvestment Has Been Done.
  • Assisting Clients on Tax Dispute Resolution with Tax Authorities Including Representation before Tax and Appellate Authorities.
  • Clients Representation in Liaison with Lawyers in Appeals before the High Court and Supreme Court.
  • Establishing Gratuity Funds, Provident Funds And Additional Employees Benefit Schemes And Their Approval From Tax Authorities.


Business Individual Rs. 5000 Per Return

Salaried Individual Rs. 2500 Per Return