NTN Registration & Verification Service in Pakistan

NTN Registration & Verification Service in PakistanFusion Ave (Private) Limited offers the best NTN registration & verification services to its clients throughout Pakistan. Whether you are living in the capital city Islamabad or the business hub Karachi, you are welcome to get enrolled to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). Get your National Tax Number (NTN) without any hurdles. The best way to get an NTN in Pakistan is to avail our services. Fusion Avenue is a reliable name that is helping its clients since 2007 to get a valid NTN. We are offering NTN registration, NTN verification, NTN modification as well as NTN cancellation services to individual, company, foreign national and association of persons (AOP) in Pakistan. Our services are not confined to a single city. We are near you to provide complete NTN services in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and other big and small cities, villages, tows and districts of the country.

For each and every resident of Pakistan, his/her National tax number is a unique entity. Every individual in Pakistan is required to get register to the FBR to avail an NTN for filing income tax returns to the government authorities. Return filing is the way to pay taxes to the government on your earnings and income. Even if the individual is not having any income throughout the year, it is emendatory for him/her to show the record of no or less income to the government during return filing. We are also offering Free NTN Registration Service till January 31, 2020 throughout Pakistan. So hurry up, and become a compliant citizen of Pakistan to play your role in evacuating corruption.

Our NTN Services Include:

Fusion Avenue Private Limited offers four (04) different types of NTN registration, NTN verification, NTN modification and NTN cancellation services to its clients. These include:

What Is National Tax Number (NTN)?

National Tax Number (NTN) is similar to the identity card for an individual or business. NTN is also known as Income Tax Registration Number in Pakistan. Even the corporate and business executives require an NTN to file their income tax returns. Every taxpayer and filer in Pakistan should have an NTN number. Having an NTN is really beneficial. It can help taxpayers during business transactions and for opening of bank accounts. For filing tax return of individuals and companies, an NTN number is compulsory. Not only this, corporate and business require an NTN while filing tender notices and bids with government departments as well as multinational companies.

What Is NTN for Individuals in Pakistan:

To file income tax returns to FBR, all individual citizens in Pakistan are required to get an NTN from FBR. FAPL offers the best NTN Registration services to individual as well as non-resident clients throughout Pakistan. Feel free to contact us to get the valid NTN number for yourself easily.

What Is NTN for Company & Corporate:

To file income tax returns to FBR, all operational and non-operational companies in Pakistan are required to get an NTN from FBR. FAPL offers the best NTN Registration services to companies and businesses throughout Pakistan. In this way, you can much reduce the higher withholding tax on business transactions and other supplies and services of your company.

What Is NTN Registration/ Certificate?

The initial step of filing your income tax returns in Pakistan is to get registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). An individual, a company, a foreign national or an association of persons (AOP) shall be treated as registered to FBR when they are e-enrolled on the FBR Iris portal. We make the Iris registration easier for our clients. Once you are enrolled to the portal, the FBR allocates you a National Tax Number (NTN) or Registration Number and password. In case of individual filers in Pakistan, their 13 digits Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) will be used as NTN or Registration Number. In case of AOP and Company filers in Pakistan, 7 digits NTN is issued to them after e-enrollment. However, the principal officer of AOP and Company is required to visit Regional Tax Office (RTO) to get an NTN.

What Is The FBR IRIS Portal?

The National Tax Number (NTN) of the filers allows them to access the FBR Iris portal. This online portal by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is an online Income Tax system. Individual, firms, association of persons and companies can use IRIS Portal to get e-enrolled for availing NTN or Registration number, user ID and Password. It must be noted that FBR Iris portal is the only method with which taxpayers can file their online Income Tax Return in Pakistan.

Benefits of NTN- National Tax Number

The National Tax Number (NTN) in Pakistan provides a list of benefits to the filers. The major advantages of NTN include:

  • Getting an NTN makes a person enable to file annual Income Tax Return to the Income Tax Department of Pakistan.
  • As a businessman, it is really beneficial to have a valid NTN as NTN provides business strength to the business holders by providing a list of benefits and favors on banking transactions, vehicle purchasing and much more.
  • Businesses with an NTN number produce a sense of security to the clients. People are more comfortable and confident to do businesses with those individuals and companies who have an NTN number in Pakistan.
  • Being an NTN holder is the responsibility of every citizen of Pakistan. It shows a degree of patriotism towards country and also a way to eradicate corruption from the roots. Paying taxes to the government shows honesty towards homeland.
  • Many good clubs offer exclusive memberships and related benefits to those who are NTN holders in Pakistan.
  • Being an NTN holder, the income taxpayers can avail golden tax benefits and transaction discounts from the government authorities for their individual and business accounts.
  • Only those income taxpayers can get Government contracts that have a valid NTN number from FBR. They can also participate in various government auctions and tender businesses.
  • An income taxpayer with NTN can become the member of chamber of commerce and Industry to avail the associated benefits.
  • For the visa of the abroad, the income taxpayers and NTN holders are preferred.
  • An NTN holder can make contracts and do businesses with foreign companies and firms.
  • To become a complaint income taxpayer and NTN holder is considered as honest, noble and sincere step on national and international grounds. Even in foreign countries, NTN holders are given many relaxations.
  • Being a government servant or joining a public post becomes smooth for NTN holders who pay income tax to the FBR. Nobody objects or disqualifies their designation.