NTN Registration for an Individual in Pakistan

NTN Registration for an Individual in Pakistan

Fusion Avenue Private Limited offers the best NTN registration services to individual, salaried or unemployed persons in Pakistan. Usually the procedure takes a week but our professional and competent representatives make it quick and affordable for everyone without any problems.

Documents Required For Individual NTN Registration:

Things required for NTN registration of individuals includes:

  • original CNIC,
  • cell phone with registered SIM against own CNIC,
  • personal Email address,
  • Original certificate of maintenance of personal bank account as well as
  • Original paid utility bill.
  • If having a business, individuals are required to bring utility bill of business premises not older than 3 months as well as original evidence of ownership of business premises.

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What Is NTN For Salaried Individual?

NTN is required by all salaried persons in Pakistan to file their income tax returns to the government of Pakistan. Having an NTN by a salaried person saves him from a comparatively higher withholding tax rate on banking transactions, vehicle token money, vehicle purchasing etc. FAPL brings the best NTN registration & verification services to individual citizens of Pakistan. What are you waiting for? Get the best of NTN registration, NTN verification, NTN modification and NTN cancellation services for individuals and salaried persons in Pakistan from FAPL. We provide NTN services to our clients in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta and other cities, villages and towns.

How Can I Register My NTN Number?

Registering your NTN number is really easy. If you are an individual, you can e-register your NTN on the FBR IRIS portal. Doing your income tax registration by your own can lead to mistakes that will further require modification. Minimize the process and hand over your NTN registration task to us. We are serving our clients since 2007.

How Can I Check My NTN Number In Pakistan?

Visit NTN/STRN verification page on FBR website. FBR provides online verification portal to verify any details of your NTN or STRN number in Pakistan. A list of services is available for NTN verification online method. Choose your desired option and go ahead. If you are finding any difficulty regarding NTN registration and verification process, you can ask FAPL to do it on your behalf. We solve all your queries regarding how can I find my NTN number in Pakistan.

Is NTN Number Same As CNIC Number?

According to the new SRO by the Federal Board of Revenue, NADRA issued CNIC numbers will become NTN (National Tax Number) for all Pakistani individual taxpayers. In order to file income tax returns, individuals can use their CNIC in place of NTN numbers as CNIC Numbers become NTN Numbers now. But this is the case for individual taxpayers only as business NTN numbers are comprised of 7 digits number that are issued by the FBR as business NTN. You can easily get your NTN from your CNIC number.

What Is Filer And Non Filer?

The Ordinance defines ‘filer’ as a taxpayer whose name is enrolled in the active taxpayers’ list issued by the Federal Board of Revenue from time to time. Not only this, the filer is also an NTN holder, also known as taxpayer’s card or tax registration number. In contrary, a ‘non-filer’ is the one who is not a filer in Pakistan.

What Are The Benefits Of Being Filer In Pakistan?

The Federal Board of Revenue offers list of active taxpayer benefits to the NTN holders in paksitan. These benefits include:

  • Both profits and cash withdrawals are deducted at a lower tax rates at source by banks.
  • In the process of vehicle registration, purchasing or transferring, a much reduced withholding tax is deducted. It happens because tax is already deducted from the income and earnings of the individual.
  • On buying and selling of property, tax is deducted at a lower tax rate.
  • On capital gains or sale of securities, withholding tax is deducted at a lower tax rate.
  • On dividend, a lower tax rate is charged by the FBR.
  • On prize bond winnings, withholding tax is deducted at a lower tax rate.
  • If you are an NTN holder in Pakistan, you can easily claim back your overpaid tax from the government that has been withheld.

How Can I Check NTN Active Status?

In order to check your current active NTN status, type “ATL (space) 7 digits National Tax Number (NTN)” in a message and sent it to 9966. Fort those who live in AJ&K, they can check their active taxpayer status by sending an SMS “AJKATL (space) CNIC (without dashes)” and send it to 9966.

To get any further details for getting your NTN or income tax number in Pakistan, please visit our office during working days.