NTN Registration for an AOP in Pakistan

NTN Registration for an AOP in Pakistan

Fusion Avenue Private Limited can be your outsourced online NTN registration services for AOP or Private Limited Companies or Single Member Companies or NGO anywhere in Pakistan.

Documents Required For AOP NTN Registration:

Required documents for the registration partnership companies and firms in Pakistan include:

  • partnership deed,
  • registration certificate from Registrar of Firms and
  • CNICs of all Partners.
  • All the documents must be original.
  • They also require bringing original letter on letterhead of the AOP signed by all Partners with authorization of anyone of the Partners for Income / Sales Tax Registration.
  • Other things that are required for NTN registration of AOP include original CNIC,
  • cell phone with registered SIM against own CNIC (not already registered with the FBR),
  • Email address belonging to the AOP,
  • Original certificate of maintenance of bank account in AOP’s name.
  • If having a business, they are required to bring utility bill of business premises not older than 3 months as well as original evidence of ownership of business premises.

What Is NTN For Association Of Persons (AOP)?

In order to become a compliant filer and responsible citizen of Pakistan, partnerships also require having an NTN number. Having an NTN can make them avail lower tax rate. FAPL offers reliable and accurate NTN Registration services to partnership companies and other AOPs in Pakistan. Not only this, we are a recognized name in providing NTN verification, NTN modification and NTN cancellation services to AOP and partnerships throughout Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta and other cities, villages and towns.

What is AOP in FBR?

What is AOP in FBR is needed to be elaborated to the partners and members of a company or corporate? Registration of Association of Person (AOP) with FBR is a detailed procedure. An AOP can be Private Limited Companies or Single Member Companies or NGO. An AOP is comprised of resident association of persons in Pakistan for and they registered as AOP for a tax year.

Why NTN Is Required For AOP:

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issues an NTN number to the AOPs as an identity number to the business. The AOPs get NTN as their registration number to the FBR. The same NTN number is required by the AOPs to open a bank account. To file their income tax return, AOP requires a verified NTN number from FBR.