NTN Registration for a Company/ Business in Pakistan

NTN Registration for a Company/ Business in Pakistan

Fusion Avenue Private Limited brings the most reliable NTN registration services to business, companies, sole proprietorship business or firm in Pakistan.

Documents Required For Company NTN Registration:

The things required for the NTN registration of your company from FPL include:

  • incorporation certificate of the company as well as
  • Original letter on letterhead of the AOP signed by all Partners with authorization of any one of the Partners for Income / Sales Tax Registration.
  • Other things that are required for NTN registration of company in Pakistan include original CNICs of all Directors),
  • cell phone with registered SIM against own CNIC (not already registered with the FBR),
  • Email address belonging to the company,
  • Original certificate of maintenance of bank account in company‚Äôs name.
  • If having a business, they are required to bring utility bill of business premises not older than 3 months as well as original evidence of ownership of business premises.

What Is NTN For Business/ Company?

Even the businessmen in Pakistan also require an NTN. The only identity of a sole proprietor in the country is his/her income tax registration number as they are not registered to any other regulatory or registration authority. Furthermore, their NTN is used for opening a bank account too. Get the best NTN services for business that help you to register, verify and even cancel your business NTN number in Pakistan. Business person can file tender notices and bids with government departments and multinational companies, only if they have a valid NTN number. Help your business get all-in-one and comprehensive NTN registration, NTN verification, NTN modification as well as NTN cancellation services. Our services are available in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and other regions of Pakistan.

How Can I Register My Company In NTN?

You can easily register your company for NTN by FBR using online e-registration procedure for NTN on the FBR website. If you are not able to do your NTN registration by your own, you can contact FAPL to get NTN registration certification for your company and business in Pakistan. We make the procedure smooth and free for mistakes. We also provide services to change your company name in NTN certificate. Not only this, we also provide NTN cancellation services if you are selling or closing your business operations.

If you need any further assistance to get register for NTN with your company name, you can contact FAPL team during business hours.