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Income Tax Registration & Return Filing Services in Pakistan

Income Tax

Fusion Ave (Private) Limited (FAPL) is one of the most reliable, professional and experienced name in preparing, registering and filing income tax returns throughout Pakistan. Our expert accountants, lawyers and tax professionals have the technical knowledge and experience to handle all types of income tax matters. Not only this, we provide complete income tax filing services along with proficient consultancy services for both individual as well as corporate clients in Pakistan. From obtaining National Tax Number (NTN) Certificate from FBR, we help our clients to prepare and file annual income tax returns, periodic Withholding Tax Statements (WHT), wealth tax statements and annexure. FAPL also offer other services including appeal filing and adjudication at a variety of forums under Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

For particular Individuals as well as all registered corporations in Pakistan, Income Tax Return filing is mandatory from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). A valid National Tax Number by FBR law is required for filing Income Tax Returns to the government. FAPL team of qualified cost management accountants, chartered accountants, lawyers as well as income tax practitioners make the income tax registration & filing procedure smooth and error-free. Not only this, we stand out from other income tax preparation firms in Pakistan because of our combined expertise of combination of Finance and Income tax management. We keep ourselves and the clients updated regarding the new SROs from Federal Board of Revenue to accurately file income tax returns. Our income tax services in Pakistan include:

  • Income Tax Registration Services in Pakistan.
  • Income Tax Return Filing Services in Pakistan.
  • Income Tax Refund Services in Pakistan.
  • Income Tax Advisory Services in Pakistan.
  • Income Tax Bookkeeping Services in Pakistan.
  • Income Tax Audit & Appeal Services in Pakistan.

Income Tax Registration Services In Pakistan:

All individual as well as corporate are required to register for income tax from with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) before filing Income Tax Return  For Income Tax Registration purpose, Individuals can register online through Iris Portal while the principal officer of AOP and Company needs to visit Regional Tax Office (RTO). If you do not want to get indulge in these matters because of lack of knowledge or time, then FAPL has the best income tax registration service in Pakistan. Our scope also covers modification of income tax registration and cancellation of income tax registration in Pakistan. Don’t worry if you have submitted wrong personal details during registration as our experts can guide you to change particulars in registration of income tax in Pakistan. Main features of our income tax registration process include:

  • Obtaining income tax registration from FBR.
  • Modifying income tax registration in Pakistan
  • Cancelling income tax registration in Pakistan.
  • Changing personal details in the income tax registration.
  • E-enrollment of registered persons in Pakistan.

Income Tax Return Filing Services In Pakistan:

FAPL offers comprehensive income tax return filing services to the FBR. For the first time Income Tax filers in Pakistan, we also offer registration facility that is the primary step to file Income Tax Return. The procedure to file your FBR income taxes is very easy through the online Income Tax Return filing IRS portal. Apart from obtaining a National Tax Number (NTN) or Registration Number, we also help our individual as well as corporate clients for the E-enrollment service for Registered Persons. After successful E-enrollment, the income taxpayers can easily get credentials for online access to file their income tax return. Our scope for completing income tax return in Pakistan covers reconciliation of wealth statement as well as income tax return for salaried persons. From revising income tax return to filing income tax return after deadline in Pakistan, we are facilitating different private clients as well as famous brand names.  You can contact our representative via the details given on the link. FAPL welcomes you for a long-lasting partnership with us for filing your income tax accurately on time.

  • Reconciliation of wealth management for income tax filing: Online Income Tax Return filing procedure initiates with the completion of FBR Wealth Statement (statement of assets & liabilities) form. For the successful submission of Wealth Statement, it is necessary that current year’s wealth of the taxpayer is increased/ decreased from previous year’s wealth by the same amount because of the exceeded/fallen income short of the expenses. We help our clients to reconcile wealth statement successfully to the FBR for the submission of Income Tax Return. FAPL also offers revising wealth statement facility to its clients.
  • Salaried persons- income tax return: Online Income Tax Return filing procedure initiates with the completion of FBR Return of Income form. We help salaried persons in Pakistan to successfully submit their Income Tax Return by completing their Declaration form 114(I). This form can only be availed by those salaried persons who are generating income only from salary and other sources and their salary is more than 50% of the total Income.

Income Tax Advisory Services in Pakistan:

Income Tax Advisory and Consultancy is required for individual as well as corporate clients. With the rise of inflation in Pakistan, it is necessary to manage your assets and plan your finance in a better way that can legally minimize your ultimate income tax bill from the FBR. FAPL provides experienced income tax consultancy services to all types of clients throughout Pakistan. We help you to know about credits, rebates and exemptions for income tax return that can help you to reduce your taxation liabilities. Sometimes, you fall in the category of persons required to file income tax return but because of lack of knowledge you do not know it. We help you to understand that whether you are required to file income tax returns and how much is your liability so you do not pay unnecessarily excess bill to the FBR. Privacy of personal information is securely maintained at FAPL. Visit us during business hours to plan your income tax returns today for a bright future ahead.

Income Tax Refund Services In Pakistan:

FAPL offers the best refund services for income tax in Pakistan. You easily get your income tax refund from the FBR if you qualify for it. We help you to get the fastest income tax returns. To claim income tax return, FBR has made it mandatory to file income tax return electronically. Our e-filing service of income tax returns helps our clients to become eligible for claiming income tax refunds. We manage the clients’ Iris account for submission of income tax refund application that results in successfully getting the refunds from income tax returns. Our on time income tax filing service within due dates facilitate income tax refund eligibility for our clients. Contact FAPL to know the procedure of income tax refund and how much you get back from your income tax in Pakistan as refund.

Income Tax Return Bookkeeping Services in Pakistan:

According to the FBR, it is required for all income tax registered persons in Pakistan to keep necessary income tax registration and submission records. The Federal Board of Revenue bounds all individual as well as corporate income taxpayers to maintain the income tax record for a period of six (06) years in Pakistan. FAPL brings the best, accurate and affordable income tax bookkeeping services to its clients. Become a FBR-compliant citizen of Pakistan by fulfilling the necessary obligation of income tax bookkeeping as per law. For busy corporate clients as well as average-budget individual persons, we have variety of customized income tax return bookkeeping services throughout Pakistan. Call us now to ask for the perfect income tax bookkeeping package according to the FBR guidelines in the most affordable rates in Pakistan.

Income Tax Audit & Appeal Services In Pakistan:

FAPL audit support team is dedicated to provide the best income tax representation services to its individual as well as business clients for the audit resolution. If the taxpayer and the tax collectors (Inland Revenue department) have any type of income tax return disagreement, then they can call us to submit income tax appeals to the concerned departments. From quantification of the taxable income and tax liability to the levy of default surcharge and penalties, our auditors help the clients before the Commissioner (appeals), the Appellate Tribunal and Higher Courts to resolve all types of income tax disputes in compliance with FBR. FAPL team takes care of the time limit for filing an income tax appeal in thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of notice of demand. We help clients to fulfill requirements of making an income tax appeal by submitting the tax due along with the return of income, on the basis of income declared.

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